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This is the ordering website for Savannah River Farms (SRF).
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The Trusted Source

SRF is the trusted source for top-quality meat products in Savannah and through out Georgia. Our partners include many restaurants, a college (Savannah College of Art and Design), a university, (Emory University), both via Bon Appetit Management Company, some retail stores, a local natural food delivery company, two food co-ops, several private chefs and caterers along with all of our wonderful farmers markets and farm pick up customers. Our all-natural products available for purchase include pastured beef, lamb (seasonal) and poultry along with our specialty, pasture raised pork.

Our efforts to provide NON-GMOnon-GMO image

Super BIG news!
SRF is now NON-GMO!
A tremendous amount of work from Ben and his farm guys and a community effort made it all come together. We are so excited to be providing our customers with our NON-GMO products.  Our animals receive open pastures and a wholesome, healthy diet of NON-GMO feeds that are roasted, milled and mixed right here on the farm.

Every animal is treated with respect, care & dignity

At Savannah River Farms, our top priority is providing a healthy, happy environment for our animals. Our sustainable agricultural practices equal higher-quality meat that has more nutritional value and tastes better than products that come from conventionally-raised, confined animals.

 All of our animals are raised in their natural habitats—in a pasture or woodlot with plenty of room to roam and play. We never use preventative antibiotics or artificial hormones and instead allow our animals to eat what nature intended, supplemented with all-natural, NON GMO feed that we grow, roast and mill ourselves. Treating our animals humanely is our most important goal, and we implement the traditional husbandry practices that Ben learned growing up on a farm under his father’s watchful eye.  We are proud to run our farm according to the highest and most respected standards in the farming industry. We also handle all our own processing here on the farm in our Animal Welfare Approved abattoir.  We do this so that our animals never have to travel or experience the stress of being handled by anyone unfamiliar.  We do all of this because we CARE!

Online Ordering for Farm Pickup or Delivery Location Pickup

Farm Pickup: You can order from our inventory at any time if you want to come to the farm to pickup your order. Please contact us for a good time to pickup (912) 713-2368 or give us an idea of what would work for you in the comment section of the order form.

Pickup Locations: We currrently offer convenient online ordering and delivery to several locations and will soon offer more.

The details can be seen by clicking the Delivery Options button above, and then clicking to the location most convenient to you. To keep our efforts well organized for each delivery, our online programming prevents ordering too far in advance, and won't allow ordering at the last minute. We allow plenty of time for ordering, but it must be within the set ordering window for each delivery.

Product Availabilitypiglets

To see the products we have available at this moment, simply click on any product categories to the left.  Quantities are limited to what you see.  As orders are placed, the quantities go down instantly.  We update the inventory as new foods become available. 

There is no minimum order size.  You can order anything you see listed.

Naturally, our inventory is changing all the time, and our supply of certain cuts is limited by nature's design.  All cuts aren't steaks and breasts!  We need to market all parts, and everything we sell is healthy and should be tasty, when properly cooked.


Note that most products are priced by weight, so exact pricing will not be known until we select the actual items that will fulfill your order.  However, the shopping cart will show the approximate total cost for each item.  When the order is placed, you will receive an immediate confirmation email with a copy of your order, including the approximate pricing.  When we finalize your order, you will receive a second email with the exact pricing for each item.  A copy of the invoice will remain in your online account with us.

We Appreciate Your Business

We work hard to provide healthy, wholesome products for our customers.  You won't find meat products like ours in the grocery store.  Those meats are from the industrial agricultural system that disregards the environment, animals, and ultimately, our health.  Our meats are environmentally sustainable, truly humane, and naturally healthy. 

Order from us knowing you are improving quality of life for your family, our environment, and our small family business.  Let's build a better future together!

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